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Legal Guardians of Health: Stand with Victims in the RoundUp Litigation equips mass tort attorneys with signed retainers for their practices, transforming legal leads into concrete engagements. Our platform is designed to convert legal calls into actionable signed cases, empowering your pursuit of justice.

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The Roundup litigation, which has been unfolding for several years, involves lawsuits against Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) by individuals claiming that exposure to Roundup weed killer caused their cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Despite some recent victories for Bayer in court, the litigation has seen several significant developments:

- In January 2024, a Pennsylvania man was awarded the largest single Roundup verdict of $2.25 billion, having claimed he developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using Roundup for 20 years【30†source】.

- As of March 2024, there are 4,253 cases still pending in the MDL (Multidistrict Litigation) in the Northern District of California. Bayer had previously offered $10.9 billion in 2020 to settle 100,000 lawsuits, but no settlement has been reached for the remaining cases as trials continue【30†source】.

- Bayer has been engaging in settlement negotiations, offering $2 billion to settle class action claims and reaching an agreement with the New York Attorney General to pay $6.9 million for misleading consumers about Roundup's safety【30†source】.

- The 11th Circuit is revisiting a decision that rejected Bayer’s federal preemption argument in a notable case, indicating the ongoing legal challenges Bayer faces despite settling numerous cases【29†source】.

- In a significant move, Bayer reportedly settled another 15,000 Roundup lawsuits. This development was part of the efforts to finalize a previously reported $10.9 billion Roundup settlement. However, Bayer is still in the process of negotiating settlements for the remaining lawsuits【31†source】.

The Roundup litigation exemplifies the complexities of product liability lawsuits, especially those involving widespread allegations of harm from consumer products. Bayer's settlements and ongoing trials reflect the company's efforts to manage the litigation fallout while disputing claims related to Roundup's safety. The outcome of the remaining cases and any future settlements will likely continue to shape the legal landscape surrounding glyphosate-based weed killers.

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