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How we work...

CaseLock Advantage: Elite
Screening Matrix


Direct Claimant Opt-In


We harness the power of sophisticated multi-channel marketing to engage with claimants, ensuring each opt-in is the result of an informed decision. This direct connection establishes a foundation of trust and consent right from the start.

Ensured TCPA


Our process includes a rigorous TCPA compliance check, affirming our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in lead generation. We maintain this integrity to provide attorneys with peace of mind and reliability.

Verified Authenticity


Every claimant undergoes a thorough background check, confirming the authenticity of their personal information. This step is critical in building a portfolio of leads that attorneys can trust.

Individual Document


The authenticity of our process is cemented by requiring each claimant to personally sign their documents, with every interaction meticulously recorded. This creates an indisputable record of authenticity for every case.

Cyber Verification


In the digital realm, we enforce stringent IP address matching to combat fraud and confirm the claimant's identity. This cyber verification acts as a digital fingerprint, adding an extra layer of security to our vetting process.

Your Trusted Lead Generation Partner

We recognize the critical importance of generating high-quality leads of Mass Tort litigation. As your trusted lead generation partner specializing in Mass Tort cases, we are dedicated to empowering your legal practice with targeted, actionable leads that fuel your success.

Engagement Reconfirmation


Our engagement doesn’t stop at the initial interaction; we conduct follow-up calls to reconfirm each claimant's intent and ensure the exclusivity of their claim. This reinforces the validity and commitment on the part of the claimant.

Scrutinized Verification
(Precision Audit)


Through meticulous third-party audits, we scrutinize claimant information against multiple databases, ensuring accuracy and precision in our verification process. This step is vital in upholding the quality of each lead we deliver.

Understanding Ensured
(Accurate Instruction)


We take great care to provide clear, detailed explanations to claimants regarding our consent forms, guaranteeing that they fully understand the policies and procedures before moving forward. This careful instruction prevents confusion and reinforces ethical practice.

Righteous Conduct
(Conscientious Ethics)


Our system is built on a foundation of resolute ethics, with every step designed to reflect the integrity and high moral standards of our operations. We steadfastly enforce these principles to distinguish our services from others.

Excellence in Transparency
(Transparency First)


Our commitment to transparency is as unwavering as our pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every lead is produced through a process that is both clear and above reproach. By prioritizing this transparency, we cultivate trust and a reputation for superior quality in the legal industry

What Sets Us Apart from Other Lead Generation Firms?

Navigating the Mass Tort landscape, attorneys face the daunting task of not only identifying viable Legal Leads but also ensuring these leads are free from the taint of fraud—a prevalent issue that jeopardizes the integrity of cases and the legal process itself. The quest for authentic Signed Cases and Signed Retainers is fraught with challenges, from the risk of engaging with leads that have not been properly vetted for TCPA Compliance to the dangers of fraudulent practices that can ensnare unwary firms. It's within this complex environment that our CaseLock Advantage: DEVICE SURE system shines as a beacon of reliability. By meticulously filtering every lead through our comprehensive verification process, we provide Mass Tort attorneys with a stream of high-quality, fraud-free cases, ensuring that every Legal Call translates into a potential victory in the courtroom.

The creation of the CaseLock system was a direct response to these industry challenges, offering a robust solution to attorneys seeking to rise above the common pitfalls of insufficient vetting and the ever-looming specter of fraud. With our DEVICE SURE approach, we've set a new standard in the generation of Legal Leads, combining our expertise in securing genuine Signed Retainers with a steadfast commitment to excellence and integrity. Our process doesn't just meet the expectations of Mass Tort professionals; it redefines them, ensuring that each case we deliver is not only a lead but a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity.

What is the CaseLock System?

The CaseLock System revolutionizes Mass Tort legal lead generation, utilizing a system that we have affectionately coined as our DEVICE SURE strategy. It ensures high-quality Legal Leads, TCPA Compliance, and authentic Signed Cases, setting a new benchmark for integrity and success. Through meticulous vetting and direct engagement, CaseLock delivers reliable Legal Calls and Signed Retainers, embodying the pinnacle of trust and excellence in the industry.

Direct Claimant Opt-In

Utilizing multi-channel marketing, we engage directly with claimants, ensuring genuine opt-ins through informed consent.

Ensured TCPA Adherence

Our stringent compliance checks guarantee adherence to TCPA regulations, fostering an ethical lead-generation process.

Verified Authenticity

Individual Document Authentication

Detailed verification of each claimant's background information upholds the authenticity of our leads.

Authenticity is further ensured as claimants personally sign documents, with calls recorded for definitive proof.

Cyber Verification

By matching IP addresses, we safeguard against fraudulent activities, confirming claimants' digital identities.

Engagement Reconfirmation

Follow-up calls reinforce claimant intent and claim exclusivity, as part of our commitment to engagement and accuracy.

Scrutinized Verification (precision audit)

Our exacting third-party audits delve deep, scrutinizing claimant information for the utmost accuracy and precision.

Understanding Ensured
(Accurate Instruction)

We provide clear, unambiguous instructions to each claimant, ensuring they understand and acknowledge our consent

form’s details.

Righteous Conduct
(Conscientious Ethics)

Resolute in our conduct, we enforce the highest ethical standards across all operations, standing firm against any unethical practices.

Excellence in Transparency
(Transparency First)

We are committed to exemplary transparency, pairing clarity with the pursuit of excellence in every lead, fostering trust

and integrity.

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